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Hello my name is Ayesha Gilbert CEO of DeRty Gigs LLC and Founder of DeRty Beginnings Youth Mentoring Program.  


I started Derty Gigs LLC not only for myself but for my family, friends and community. I enjoy what I do so much, I've decided to start a non-profit; DeRty Beginnings Youth Mentoring Program. I'm devoted to mentoring the youth of our community. They're able to obtain life skills as well as trade skills. We assist them with their homework, offering free tutoring provided by our Minnesota Licensed Paraprofessionals. We also take our youth on all sorts of field trips. We truly want what's best for our community, what's better than a mentoring program offering services to youth ages 5yrs -19yrs old. I don't think it's ever too early to prepare a child for a healthy and successful life. 


I honestly believe there's nothing more important than purchasing your own home, especially if you have children. It gives them a place to forever call home. There's also nothing more important than picking the right handyperson service to make sure your home is maintained properly. My customers say I'm the best in the business. I specialize in residential handyperson services as well as commercial repairs and replacement services. Customer satisfaction is my number one priority. DeRty Gigs LLC has been in business for over a year now. I've only been in business for a short time however, I've been in the trades for years and I absolutely love what I do. I believe when you love what you do, you put more care and attention! I have the best tools to get the job done proficiently and I only use the best materials when shopping for clients. I'm dedicated to completing each project in a timely manner.

If I find hidden damage or problems I could not see when I gave you the anticipated cost, I will give you a written change order to approve before proceeding—no surprises! You pay only for the work completed to your satisfaction!


You won't have to wait—you will always receive notification if I'm running late.


Here at DeRty Gigs LLC, it's simple: I stand by my work to the extent of guaranteeing it. If you're not happy, I'm not done with the project!

If you'd like more information about DeRty Beginnings Youth Mentoring Program, please check out the DeRty Beginnings Page at the top of the screen. Also if you would like to donate to DeRty Beginnings latest project check out Project Wild Beginnings /

Thank You For Your All Your Support!

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